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forum communication to members

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not solved forum communication to members

Post by admin on 10/22/2010, 12:48 pm

Communicating with all forum members is challenging. Some log in everyday; others barely once a week. But they would both be considered 'regulars'. We don't want to bore the everyday folks by leaving the same message up all the time, but how do we get the message to the once a weekers?! Beats me!

NTK=nice to know:

This code
gives you this

This code
[spoiler=stuff inside]content[/spoiler]
gives you this
stuff inside:


Here's where to add to and play with the scroller options. Currently only No.2 is displaying a message. The others are holding html code for other stuff-don't worry about them-they're not being used on the sfg forum. Don't forget to click save!

scroller edit:
forum communication to members 45610

Homepage Message

this is the homepage message:
forum communication to members 45710
Notice the green +HTML that is circled. Clicking that will give you a GUI for editing your message. Javascript will work in this box too. Don't forget to click save!

homepage message edit:
forum communication to members 45810


You can send out mass emails with the newsletter function. I haven't used this feature.
newsletter edit:
forum communication to members 45910

Global Announcement

This allows you to make one post that will show up in every forum. Select this option when you write a post. It can be re-named. I have called it 'Hear ye Hear ye'. I've only used it once to play with it.

global announcement feature:
forum communication to members 46010

global announcement change name:
forum communication to members 46110

Stickies and Announcements

Announcements will always be listed above stickies. You can change their name and appearance.

Stickies and Announcements edit:
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